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Easter, 2002

(Sunday, March 31, 2002)

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Brookes and Brynnen dyed some eggs, as an art project during Spring Break. They came out marvelous, and a lot more colorful than the easter bunny's eggs (who I think bought used egg dye).

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Brynnen loved dying the eggs; she's got a real flair for art and for the genuine surprise of "Hey I died this yellow egg blue and it came out green! That's so neat!" She made a great display of dye all over her little work table.

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Brookes had to work today. It's the second easter that that's happened, but surely not the last. Brynnen and I missed her, of course; but Brynnen was happy to learn tthat the Easter Bunny had come by and left a new Barbie and a new Ken (as well as a heaping handful of chocolate!!
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I delighted Brookes by telling her that even though Brynnen has somehow inherited my love of hard boiled eggs, Brynnen does not care for your basic egg-salad (egg and mayo) sandwich. This was the first time I made Brynnen a traditional Easter Egg Salad sandwich. Imagine my surprise when I turned around ten minutes later to a little waif asking "Daddy, are you hungry?" ... and holding out three quarters of the sandwich I had presented her with.

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Brynnen was pretty worried about Ken. She squished his head a few times (it was really squishy) and then asked if I'd watch over him while she went inside for a moment. When I asked why, I was horrified to find out that his head looked kind of like an egg, and that she was worried he would suffer the same fate as this poor little guy.