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Halloween 2001!

This year, we decided to try a few new things. One of these was going to a pumpkin patch to get the pumpkins for our jack-o-lanterns. The Saturday upon which we went on was cold and wet; about sixty degrees Farenheit, with a rain that wavered between a drizzle and not-quite a shower. I thought I dressed Brynnen pretty warm; she was wearing sneakers, jeans, a shirt, and a fuzzy longsleeved polar fleece jacket with a deep hood. Well, I would have been warm enough.
At the pumpkin patch, they also had a petting barn, hay rides, a corn maze (a maize maze?) and a hay maze, not to mention the little "country store."

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Our first stop was the petting barn. The animals were pretty quiet- I think the cold was getting to them, and you could tell that these were animals (they smelled like barn animals.) They had a Llama, pigs, chickens, rabbits, a peacock, a calf. And lots of signs telling you not to stick your fingers into the pens because your fingers looks like food. It was dark, damp, and drafty in their barn. I hope the animals slept somewhere else at night.
Believe me; corn mazes are dangerous! We came across some pretty odd characters out there!

We enjoyed prowling around in the corn maze. It was carved out of the cornfield in the shape of a heron, and there were two sections. In the night, the maze was haunted. At first, we wandered aimlessly around, and I noticed that folks had "passports" which were lists of questions, and some sort of guide to the maze. When we came out of the front, I grabbed one; the Interactive one. One of the questions was "Sing the Hokey Pokey. What's the twenty-ninth word?" and based the direction turning on your answer. But truth be told, we quit halfway through (after the first section), because we were cold and wet. It was six dollars to get in for me, free for Brynnen.

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After the maze, we decided to go out to the Hay Ride and look for our pumpkins. The ride was interesting; very bouncy, which made both of us laugh (even in the drizzle). Some places were very roller-coasterlike, from all the mud. It made a impression on me how "tractor" is related to "traction." When we got out to the muddy field, we hopped down and started looking for pumpkins. Brynnen wanted three; a baby one, a mommy one and a big daddy one. I enforced the "you pick it you carry it" rule handed down by generations of Gilmans; she had to carry whatever pumpkin she picked out. And so did I; but I tried to find a smallish yne. Brynnen wouldn't let me bring home a green unripe pumpkin because those were yucky. As we stood in the rain and debated the pumpkins, I could see that she was getting tired and hungry, and wet. Hot Chocolate would have served her right then; and I bet they had some, somewhere, but I never found it.
It was kind of sad, watching the tractors drive over the pumpkins. Brynnen said "poor pumpkins" a few times, and then perked up and told me that they'd grow back next year. After we returned from the south forty, we made a quick stop to get Brynnen's face painted. She got a sparkly pumpkin. After that, it was Burgerville for everyone!
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Another new thing we tried this year was the Pumpkin Carving Kit, rather than using a knife. For about $5.00, we bought a few templates and some hand-jigsaws, based on the corncob holder model. Brynnen did pretty well with them, I was happy to help her with the "Night Prowler" design she picked out.
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One of the pumpkins (Brynnen's littlest one) we carved in honor of Harry Potter's forthcoming movie. We're looking forward to that movie (as well as Monsters Inc, and Lord of the Rings).
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Brynnen's costume this year was a Rainbow Princess. We sewed the costume ourselves out of a pretty iridiscent fabric that would have made a beautiful rainbow trout. It went together pretty well; it's a basic tunic pattern. We used a Sewing for Dummies pattern. Following in long tradition, the night before Halloween we were up late sewing it; this is one tradition we could lose.
We chose to go to Brynnen's friend Claire's house for our first Halloween Party. Claire, like Brynnen, is an only child, and her parents had us over for S-Boo!-ghetti and then trick R treating, along with Rachel and Eli, two other young ones. Claire and Eli are five, Rachel is three (and Brynnen is Four).
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The kids had a great time running through Claire's neighborhood. Considering they had three princesses and an Orca, I'm surprised the other parents didn't put together some sort of Jaws movie. But I suppose I should be happy they didn't. The weather was awesome; not very cold, not raining, at least until we got back to Claire's house.
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Claire and Brynnen and Eli ran a lot faster than Rachel; but I think she got hers in the end; she often got two or three candies from each house. Brynnen was very good about listening to us. She ran only on the sidewalk, and tried hard to remember to say "thank you." Sometimes she can be shy, in public; this night she got all the shy out of the way at Claire's house before dinner, and was very interactive on the candy hunt. She even tried to collect for Unicef!
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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. As Brynnen gets older, I get more excited about Holidays. I'd like to go to Kruger's Farm next year, also on Sauvie Island, and maybe a little earlier in the year. I hear they have pony rides! (the Pumpkin Patch didn't, to our dismay, but the other events were fun.) Next year, I'd also like to decorate the house more. It's amazing how quickly time fills up, isn't it? I really enjoyed watching Brynnen play with the other kids, and how she interacted with them.