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At the beach, September (2001)

Yurting at Fort Stevens (near Astoria)

Once again, we returned to the yurts at the beach. It's "sissy" camping- but it's a lot more fun than lugging the equipment through the rain into the boonies and fighting to set up the tent, only to find out that you're camped in a dry creek bed and the forecast calls for showers alternating with rain. There were a lot of people at the campsite- that's a down side of sissy camping, but the upside was that it was beautiful, we had good friends, and it was almost quiet after dark.

I did eye a bunch of dead wood on a tree, feeling guilty about paying for firewood and kindling and feeling guilty about not 'starting the fire with one match' (well it was two- one for the newspaper and one for the kindling). But then I looked around at the five thousand campers and decided it was probably for the best.

This year we went to Fort Stevens, which is west of Astoria. It was quite a bit north of last years camping trek, but the weather was phenomenal. Fort Stevens is an old (Civil War through WW2) military fort. It's interesting, but I enjoyed the beach rather more. The wreck of the Peter Iredale was highly intriguing, and I took a lot of pictures of it.

In fact, I took a lot of pictures of scenery (the wreck, the fire) and less pictures of people- I was playing a lot more than usual, and being kind of pretentious with the whole thing.

The look on Brookes' face here is ... If there's no fire when I open my eyes, someone is going into the drink!
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Yesh, it scared me too. The fire ran hot, and for a good long time.
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This is the wreck of the Peter Iredale; it's an old iron wreck that ran aground back in 1906. Wisely, the town of Warrenton has left it as a tourist draw.
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Erich is so photogenic ... with the firelight turning his skin that tone.
This is another part of the wreck; I think Brynnen's in the crow's nest.
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Cute as a button, ain't she?
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Every year, we go out of our way to build sandcastles. Rachel and Bob bring their sack of molds. This year, shortly after the castle was completed, Brynnen did her best Stitch impression; "Raaaaawr!"
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... and sometimes we manage to get some wave-watching in, too.
This is your basic "disappearing gun" from Fort Steven's. The gun has long since disappeared. What this actually is is the inside of a cog that a gun would spin around inside of.

note: what the hades did i do to this picture?

The beach was too far from the yurts- about three quarters of a mile of walking through the campgrounds, then another three quarters of walking to the beach. That's my only complaint- that it was more enjoyable to drive to the ocean from our yurt.
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