Credible Sources Indicate Decrease in Covid-19 Cases Reported

Amidst the saddening news of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus as well as the new variants discovered, there is cause for a little celebration. This is in light of recent reports indicating that there has been a decrease in the number of reported cases.

The virus has been one of the greatest hindrances that the world has faced today. Increasing numbers of cases in the United States, especially in California have been a major concern to the country.

Actual Decrease 

Daily numbers of coronavirus cases are encouraging at the moment as there was a reduction in the number of cases recorded on Monday. The reported number was somewhere around 53,800.

Hospitalization of cases falls below 70000 according to an earlier report. This is no doubt a piece of encouraging news as it validates the decision to reopen schools and allow academic activities to go on as they once did.

As things currently are, the total number of reported cases is 27,645,547. Of the number of reported cases, the total death recorded is somewhere around 485,414.

However, the vaccination efforts have currently ensured that over 70,057,800 Vaccines are distributed, while 52,884,400 of these vaccines have been administered.

The Joe Biden administration has emphasized the effort on returning students to school, but different intellectual opinions are arising.

This good news is also a relief to citizens as they are beginning to hope for a normal life. They hope that things can return to normalcy as soon as possible.

Weather Challenges in Administration of Vaccine

The vaccination efforts have also been disturbed by the extreme weather conditions in the southern part of the country. The winter downpour in especially places like Texas has drastically reduced the rate at which the vaccine is being distributed and administered. Despite this, the news in the reduction of reported cases is welcomed.

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