How Understanding French Numbers Can Improve International Trade

In the realm of international trade, language proficiency can be a significant advantage. One language in particular that frequently emerges in global commerce is French. Though English remains the lingua franca for international business, understanding French, and more specifically, French numbers, can provide a substantial leg up. French, one of the most widely spoken languages, is the official language in 29 countries and numerous international organizations. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of understanding French numbers in international trade, and how this knowledge... See more

How does Koddos ensure the availability and security of its customers’ websites against DDoS attacks ?

Online security is a top concern for businesses and website owners, especially when it comes to dealing with DDoS attacks. Koddos is a company specializing in the protection against DDoS attacks and is committed to guaranteeing the availability and security of its customers’ websites. The article below explores the steps Koddos takes to protect websites from DDoS attacks and ensure an uninterrupted online experience for users. Proactive attack analysis and detection Koddos implements proactive monitoring and analysis to detect DDoS attacks as soon as they occur. Using advanced threat detection... See more

Biden Administration Lengthens the Ban on Housing Foreclosure

The Joe Biden administration is paying attention to housing situations in the country and has decided to act swiftly in this regard. This is in light of how the White House decided to extend the ban on the foreclosure of housing. The Length of the Extended Ban on Housing Foreclosure The pandemic has hit hard on the American populace and this has affected housing plans. As a result of the inability of many members of the public to deal with the situation effectively, the president has come to their aid with the recent policy banning the foreclosure of houses for a while. President Joe Biden is... See more