North Korean Man Tries to Escape Via Dmz

The nation is North Korea is no news to the world. It is because it is the face of dictatorship and the height of dehumanization as far as many human rights activists are concerned. The situation is further complicated by the administration’s decision to censor the press and cover their tracks before the international community.

However, the attempt of a man who tried to escape the nation via Dmz has been uncovered.

The Rare Attempt 

It is a rare occurrence for people to leave North Korea as it's one of the most heavily guarded places in Asia. Many people have tried it in the past and faced heavy consequences for such.

The few ones who were successful have reported that the family members and relatives usually suffer the consequences of their actions.

In this report, it was gathered that the man who left his country through this illegal way was found near a checkpoint at the eastern zone of the DMZ. This discovery happened at around 04:20 on Tuesday. However, because of the regulation of press activity in the nation, the identity of the man remains a mystery to many news outlets.

According to the media of South Korea, “authorities had the young North Korean jump several times to verify his story of how he crossed the border.”

Since 2011, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reported to have intensified security at the borders. Unfortunately, this includes laying more landmines in the territory.

Citizens Tired of the North Korean Administration

Despite all the efforts of the administration to confine citizens, people still defy the odds by making extreme attempts to flee the country. Many of them do this in search of greener pastures.

But more than this, many of them are fleeing for their lives because of how insensitive the administration is towards the fundamental human rights of its citizens.

Most citizens of North Korea leave the country by crossing over the border to China despite the risk of being sent back by the Chinese authorities as well.

Escaping through the DMZ is difficult and this offense comes with heavy penalties. As a result, we are unsure of the fate of the man that tried to go this route.

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